servicios / SERVICES.


Más de 1000 producciones en 25 años ininterrumpidos de trabajo y dedicación.


Cualquier tipo de maquillaje o caracterización de personajes es posible


Desde personajes de época hasta cualquier tipo de producción audiovisual.


Sobre mi / about me.

And as they usually say that experience is a degree, I'm going to start here so that you get to know me better.
My mission is to help convey the original idea of ​​the campaign and help make it a success.
I have a complete understanding of what the director, the agency and the client want and I can recreate what they have in their minds in a simple way.
I possess a great understanding of the audiovisual sector, it’s deadlines, it’s budgets, it’s needs and I am an expert in seeing through the project.
From the simplest proposals to the craziest ones, all of them have passed through my hands through the years and that gives me a confidence that people can appreciate my work, reassuring in the most complicated scenarios.
I perform the most difficult tasks easily for production to occur. I make it quick for the director to perform his job. I make it unforgettable for the actors and with it helping their acting remarkably.
I take excellent care of my actors, treating them well, providing my products, my advice and my music.
And all this is reflected in the camera.
Not only do I fully understand the actors, but also my production and management colleagues. My motto, HELP.
More than 3,000 commercials in the last 27 years have taught me a lot.
At this moment in time I leave behind my three awards for best make-up and hairdressing given to me by the APCP, and many other nominations that I’ve received over the years. Many friends and a lot of love from all the partners.
And the most important thing for me:
The desire to continue giving the best of me because as a great teacher said: "In such a competitive and professional world, only the best survive"
Thank you for your time and if you want to contact me, please don’t hesitate to do so.


Tel: 649 48 66 31

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